Struggling to Cope

Sometimes it is so hard to deal with the illnesses I have. I know in an intellectual way that it could be worse. I know that I’m blessed in a lot of ways. But sometimes it’s just so hard to deal with depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, and dermatillomania. For those who don’t know, the last two disorders are compulsive disorders that cause me to pull out my hair literally and pick holes in my skin. I have hidden them for so long. I’ve spoken on this blog before about my trich but not my derm.

I’ve had super well meaning people tell me to quit it. How can I explain this… do you tap your fingers or jiggle your foot or any number of completely innocuous movements when you’re nervous or bored or just because? Do you usually realize that you’re doing it? Do you think about doing it while you’re doing it? No?

That’s how trich and derm are for me. I do it when I’m anxious or sad or bored and I just can’t seem to stop.


Trichster Tricks

So I’m learning baldness hiding tips and tricks. Luckily at the moment I still have enough hair in the back that most of the bald spots are pretty well covered, they may peek out now and then but they’re pretty well covered.

The front however is a whole different situation. I’m bald in the front, so I’m learning what to do to cover it. Of course I would rather just have the hair there but, that’s not to be so I’m getting crafty and tricky with it.

I ordered a couple of “fringe” ie bangs, hairpieces from amazon. Now they aren’t the pricey real human hair ones because let’s face it, I can’t afford those and I don’t know if I’m going to like wearing the things. Got a couple of different styles, they were less than $6 each but had good reviews. Apparently ordering stuff like that straight from China or Hong Kong is how you get the good deal. I found it quite hilarious that I could get one for $6 (shipping was free) from China OR I could purchase one from some shop in the states for 3 or 4 times the amount for the exact. same. item. Yeah…. sorry but yeah I’m going with the good deal on this one.

My current project as it’s frickin’ freezing up here is knit headbands. I’ll be posting some pictures tomorrow. Currently I’m doing them on the loom. See I thought the circular loom was only good for one look, nope. There are some super smart, super crafty people out there who have figured out different stitch patterns, how to do cabling etc. So while I am a miserable failure at actual knitting I can knit things. Yeah technology or human ingenuity for the win on this one.

My next project is going to be fabric headbands that will cover the seam between my hair and my fringes. Luckily I am a craft addict and I’m not having to go and get the supplies for these things. Most of them reside in my craft/whatever room. I’m also fortunate that my mom likes to craft so she’s going to help me out with these things and is coming up with new ideas.

So any other tips from or for Trichsters? Anything fun that you’ve tried with your hair to kinda cheer yourself up? Oh and has anyone found anything that de-angrifies your scalp? Mine is reaaallly pissed off.