If It Keeps Getting Worse that Means it’s Going to Get Better … Right? Right?

Things just keep getting worse and worse and worse and worse. I am stretched about as far as I can be stretched. Most days I go through the day feeling like a scream of anguish is stuck in my chest fighting to be let out. Of course I can’t just go around randomly screaming so it sits there and festers all day long. 

I’m going to be honest I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff and every time I feel like I’ve fought my way back from the edge something pushes me back. It feels like everything that can go wrong does, and everything that I don’t even think about is popping up for attention. 

My husband is leaving tonight to go see his father before his dad goes in for a quadruple bypass, so I’ll be home alone with the girls. I did it when he was in the Navy but it feels different this time. Luckily my mom and dad are there to call on or even go stay with if things get to be too much here.

Willow Hill fell through which means we’re once again looking for a place to live. We have a couple of leads hopefully one of them turns out right and we can get away from this situation. This situation that has me ready to scream.

I’m already pulling at the hair that’s grown back so I think I’m going to just buzz my head again…

I’m really hoping that I can come to this blog one day and have the wonderful news that everything is solved. I’ve been praying for peace and a good resolution and I know that sometimes the answer is no but sometimes I wonder if God is listening or if I’ve screwed up enough times that he’s washed his hands of me. 

So blog world pray, send good thoughts, whatever it is that you personally do. I need help.


Feelin’ Kinda Crazy

So. Much. Is. Happening. It’s driving me a little nuts! Seriously. We’re waiting to hear word on a place, we’re trying to pack and organize, I’m trying to lessen my girl’s sadness about leaving their friends in the middle of a school year, trying not to pull on the little hair I have growing back in (failing miserably) trying to put up with two adult female bullies who thinks it’s fun to mess with a family… the husband’s dad is going in for a quadruple bypass within the next couple of weeks, changing up my meds.. 

Plus you know just regular life stuff.Oh and we lost our cat this last week which has sent me into tears at the most unexpected times. I don’t know if it’s from the stress or hormones or if it’s the lowering of my anti depressant dosage but I am crying A LOT more lately. Like several times a day. 

I mean yes sad and crazy things are happening right now but I haven’t cried this much for YEARS like a lot of years. In a way I’m glad to get my emotions out on the other hand it’s freaking out my kids and making my husband feel bad and like he’s not protecting me. 

I just gotta say… all this stuff is making me feel just a little crazy.

Breaking Free of Effexor: Day 16

I’m no longer feeling the cruddy effects of lowering my dosages which is awesome. However there are SO many things going on right now in my life to stress me out that I’m totally freaking. 

There is a person that I was forced into an interaction with today and… I shook for about an hour afterwards… it really upsets me that someone can get to me like that. It really pushes the point home how abnormal I am. 

And now what am I doing you ask? Why I’m listening to the music blasting from next door that is so loud that I can hear it over my children and tv with a fan on… yeah that’s just awesome on my nerves. 

I feel like it has to get better some day. I had a good weekend then the weekdays came along and horribleness happened. I want so badly to be positive but it’s so so hard.

Last night I caught myself picking at my new hair growth yet again which means that I’m probably going to have to do another shave and hope that I’ll be able to let it grow in again soon.