Shopping Recommendation: sneakpeeq

Sneakpeeq isn’t a typical store. They are not quite a deal of the day site either. But I can tell you they are awesome. I’ve gotten some really great products I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise from this place. They sell boutique quality items at massively discounted prices. Not only that but by going to the site and “peeqing” every day you earn badges and discounts. When you first sign up you even get a credit to your account. It’s usually $10 but sometimes its a completely free item from their “Love at First Peeq” shop.  I got this really great pair of feather earrings for my stepdaughter’s Christmas gift when I signed up!

featherear1-600They were a bit different looking than the pictures but cute as a button. I then went on to get a ton of items for ridiculously low prices. They occasionally offer free shipping either on your whole order or on specific boutiques. Sneakpeeq has items for your home, gourmet food, clothes, jewelry, makeup and other accessories. The boutiques are constantly changing and sales only last for a few days so it really is worth checking out at least every other day.

If it’s an item you need like NOW I wouldn’t recommend buying it from them, they don’t ship till the sale on that item is over. They have revamped their policies so it does get out quicker but still, it’s not an immediate thing and you may have to wait for a bit to get your order. However if it’s not something you need tomorrow I would definitely recommend making your purchase with Sneakpeeq. It’s free and easy to sign up, you just link it to your facebook account and viola! Account created. So click HERE and head on over to Sneakpeeq to sign up today!



Win $100 at Slap Dash Mom

Head over to Slap Dash Mom for the chance to win a $100 gift card to Amazon. This is an awesome giveaway and she’s drawing winners in time for you to use this for all that Christmas shopping you have to do. Amazon is a great place to find the things you just can’t find in a brick and mortar store so head on over and enter to win!

Freebie of the Day for Thanksgiving!

I love free things, I like opening my mail box and finding a little sample, a gift card or something I’ve managed to score for the total cost of zero dollars.

One of my favorite tools for doing this? Swagbucks. I’m a research junkie. If I read I word I don’t understand I search for it online, which of course often leads to me searching for related material. I usually end up winning Swagbucks with at least one of these searches.

What is Swagbucks you ask? Why it’s just about the best invention in the world. It’s a rewards program that pays you points to search, answer polls, do surveys, buy things, print coupons! It’s fabulous.

You can save up your bucks and get a big granddaddy prize or you can trade them in for reward cards. My favorite is the Amazon gift card, because lets face it you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon. Well … maybe not a human liver or plutonium but just about anything else you can think of you will find.

HOW do I sign up for this magical program you ask? It’s easy simply click HERE and sign up. I’ve probably gotten a few hundred dollars in free merchandise from Amazon since I became a Swaggernaut, and I love it. I think you will too!