Holy Jeez! It’s Been so Long

Well, let’s see. Life is much better right now than it was when I last wrote. We got the apartment, the girls adore the school their in, I’m dealing with my mental disorders. I’m back on my full dose of Effexor, I ended up in the inpatient due to trying to quit it. They bumped it back up and the scary self harm type thoughts stopped.

That’s not to say that every thing is perfect. I just found out I have arthritis, and I’m in the process of getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia possibly. Which yes both of those things suck majorly but if i  can get them under control well then that’s a good thing isn’t it?

The family is doing well and I love them to pieces. I’m still big into looming. I’m learning to knit and crochet. Keep your eyes peeled for yarn posts. Loom reviews (there are some good ones out there). I’ll probably start featuring etsy shops again. I will also of course keep you up to date on me and my family. I’ll go more into depth as to what’s going on with my mental and physical health.

I bcc almost forgot to introduce you to my sweet baby Athena. Here she is.


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