Fabulous Valentines Giveaway!



There is a wonderful group of lady bloggers that hold “Pay it Forward” giveaways. This is honestly one of the coolest I’ve seen from them yet. 

It’s a Valentine’s give away. This is great for anyone who is single, has a clueless significant other, or just loooooves Valentines day. I mean really it’s great for anyone. There will be 16 yes that’s right SIXTEEN winners! Wow. 

The prizes range from two nights in a Marriott hotel to roses, to candy and jewelry! All the Valentines Day basics. So head on over to Kimberly’s Thoughts and enter this giveaway. 

Good luck to you! Come back and tell me if you win.


Shopping Recommendation: sneakpeeq

Sneakpeeq isn’t a typical store. They are not quite a deal of the day site either. But I can tell you they are awesome. I’ve gotten some really great products I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise from this place. They sell boutique quality items at massively discounted prices. Not only that but by going to the site and “peeqing” every day you earn badges and discounts. When you first sign up you even get a credit to your account. It’s usually $10 but sometimes its a completely free item from their “Love at First Peeq” shop.  I got this really great pair of feather earrings for my stepdaughter’s Christmas gift when I signed up!

featherear1-600They were a bit different looking than the pictures but cute as a button. I then went on to get a ton of items for ridiculously low prices. They occasionally offer free shipping either on your whole order or on specific boutiques. Sneakpeeq has items for your home, gourmet food, clothes, jewelry, makeup and other accessories. The boutiques are constantly changing and sales only last for a few days so it really is worth checking out at least every other day.

If it’s an item you need like NOW I wouldn’t recommend buying it from them, they don’t ship till the sale on that item is over. They have revamped their policies so it does get out quicker but still, it’s not an immediate thing and you may have to wait for a bit to get your order. However if it’s not something you need tomorrow I would definitely recommend making your purchase with Sneakpeeq. It’s free and easy to sign up, you just link it to your facebook account and viola! Account created. So click HERE and head on over to Sneakpeeq to sign up today!


Giveaway of the Day at Give Oh Giveaway!

Figuring out what to give my girl’s teachers this time of year is one of my biggest pains of the holiday season. I know that teachers usually end up with boatloads of body wash and other gift basket type items, I’ve been personally told by teacher friends that because they don’t know the conditions of the home the gift comes from, they immediately trash anything baked at home. I know that gift cards are always appreciated but I want to give something more personal than a $5 Starbucks card.

That’s where the lovely bloggers over at Give Oh Giveaway! come in. They are giving away a 5 piece wristlet set. What is a wristlet  you ask? Well it’s a handy dandy little item to you can hook your keys to, then carry on your wrist. I personally love using them, oh did I mention they’re also freakin’ adorable? Practical, cute what more can you ask for???

keychains 5


So head on over to Give Oh Giveaway! and enter to win this fabulous prize. Even if you don’t win I totally recommend checking out Celestial Designs over on Etsy. Don’t forget to grab the discount code posted on Give Oh Giveaways! site before you head over. They wristlets are only $5 each (affordable) or $25 for a five pack.

Some great Toy Giveaways


The first giveaway that I’m telling you about is a super awesome Melissa and Doug trunk. Melissa and Doug makes great toys, my girls adore their stuff. I definitely entered this one! Hop on over to Shopping With Les to enter this great giveaway.



Recommended giveaway number two is for this super cute Groovy Girls doll. She’s just freakin’ adorable. You know you want her…to keep for your very own, to decorate with or to give to one of the sweet girls in your life. So head on over to Savvy Saving Couple and sign up for this great little giveaway.


Over at Just Another Hat about halfway down the page there is a giveaway for a Dinosaur A to Z puzzle, there isn’t really a picture of it but if your kiddos love dinos like my kiddos do it’s definitely worth entering. It has a fairly low number of entries thus far too so who knows you could win!


Okay so technically it’s not a toy but… well any kid or kid at heart would be thrilled to get this gift basket filled with tasty treats. Run don’t walk over to Thrifty Mama Ramblings and enter her rafflcopter to win this super great gift basket.


Pop in over at Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog  and enter to win a Cuddle Cover. They take the concept of pillow pets to the next level and are pillow covers with the animal heads and such attached which means you don’t have to try to wash actual pillows just the covers. She will be drawing two different winners so there is twice the chance to win!


The last giveaway I’ll be sharing in this list is also in my very humble opinion the best. Midget Mama a totally sweet and awesome blogger of deals, giveaways and bargains is giving away a Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set! Holy frickin’ awesome right? I think this a fabulous giveaway and it’s quite easy to enter.

If you enter any of these awesome contests let them know that you can from Amber’s Roses! Good luck all!!!