Feelin’ Kinda Crazy

So. Much. Is. Happening. It’s driving me a little nuts! Seriously. We’re waiting to hear word on a place, we’re trying to pack and organize, I’m trying to lessen my girl’s sadness about leaving their friends in the middle of a school year, trying not to pull on the little hair I have growing back in (failing miserably) trying to put up with two adult female bullies who thinks it’s fun to mess with a family… the husband’s dad is going in for a quadruple bypass within the next couple of weeks, changing up my meds.. 

Plus you know just regular life stuff.Oh and we lost our cat this last week which has sent me into tears at the most unexpected times. I don’t know if it’s from the stress or hormones or if it’s the lowering of my anti depressant dosage but I am crying A LOT more lately. Like several times a day. 

I mean yes sad and crazy things are happening right now but I haven’t cried this much for YEARS like a lot of years. In a way I’m glad to get my emotions out on the other hand it’s freaking out my kids and making my husband feel bad and like he’s not protecting me. 

I just gotta say… all this stuff is making me feel just a little crazy.


Crazy Life = Mucho Much Pulling

Okay I’m about ready to shave my bloody head bald. The pulling has gotten BAD.

Of course the amount of stress in my life at the moment isn’t helping at all. Just to heap on some more, my husband’s job decided to cut his pay due to a change in shift, we’ll be moving hopefully within the next few weeks, we’re waiting to hear if we’ve been approved for the townhouse we applied for.

Thing is that I know that February is going to be the month from hell for me. March will be way better…. but my fear is that by the end of February…. will I even have hair left?