Looooooming Looming Looming Away!

I seriously love looming. Not only do I love looming, I love learning about looming, reading about it, seeing other people’s projects….I love it all. 

I love the feeling of the yarn sliding through my fingers, I love seeing my project growing out the bottom of my loom, I love finishing a project and putting a brand spanking new, unique and comfortable hat on my head. I love just about everything about it. 

No I do love everything about it. I even made myself some custom loom hooks! I’ve just been having a blast. 

I’m running out of yarn! This hobby is turning out to be so soothing to me even when I’m totally tense, it’s the complete repetition of it I think. It’s a soothing repetitive motion, once you really get going you can almost pay half attention to it. I can do it and pay a decent amount of attention to whatever is on Netflix.

I’ve currently got 4 hats going at the same time. It’s kind of nice to switch colors, for some reason it keeps me from getting bored even if it’s the same exact stitch on each one. Right now I’m working on a light pinkish color, a plummy color, a red with sequins and a really pretty fluffy purple and light green and white colored hat. I’m SO excited to get them done, I would say I’m a quarter done on all four. So hopefully tonight I’ll get at least another quarter done on each one and then I get to try a new pattern. I’ll post it when I get started. I KNOW you’re excited to see what it is! 


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