Breaking Free of Effexor: Day 7

I’m feeling much better today! Most of my ick is due to life circumstances not medicine withdrawal! So yay for that. 

I’m feeling like maybe I actually CAN do this. Maybe I can get off this medication that I’ve been on for almost 10 years. Maybe I can deal with the effects and still live life. 

I’m feeling like life is a little bit better. Yeah I am still hearing the wench next door’s television set and music all day every day but I feel a little less tense a little less anxious. Plus awesome news. We got a lawyer that we can sort of afford to help us with the issues we’re having with a certain person in the position to mess around with our lives quite a bit. 

So yeah today is okay. It’s decent. 


3 thoughts on “Breaking Free of Effexor: Day 7

    • Antidepressants taken with bipolar disorders can cause rapid cycling and can get you stuck in an “up” state. I’m not going without meds. I’m taking an anti psychotic for mood stabilization and xanax for anxiety. Basically I’ve been on Effexor for 10 or so years maybe more like 8 but it’s been a long time. I’ve been on 300 mg as long as I can remember. My Pdoc doesn’t understand why I’m on such high doses of a stimulant when the hypo manic states are what I have most problems with. I have problems sleeping, my blood pressure is rising, my irritation and such are at a higher level. She believes that lessening or getting rid of the stimulant all together will correct these issues.

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