My Happy Thoughts Wishlist

So when I’m feeling icky I kinda lay there and like to think about the little things that would make me happy and cheer me up. Not the big stuff like world peace or more hair or a new house… the little things. Today I’m writing one out. Usually it’s done in my journal but hey I’m blogging now so today it’s going to be blogged. 

1. An Authentic Knitting Boards All-n-One loom



This loom is smaller gauge than the ones I have so of course I gotta have it lol. 

2. A yarn ball winder thingy…. because I’m sick of tangling my yarn and also tired of trying to wind my own balls


3. Lunch out with my girls… we love to go to The Old Country Buffet for “girls day” and we haven’t gotten to do it in quite a while


4. Yarn… yarn and more yarn


5. A massage


6. A really long nap


7. To find a picture of my paternal grandmother. She passed when my dad was young and we cannot find a picture of her anywhere. Her name was Gabrielle Dawson Purcell if anyone out there in interweb land has a pic of her let me know. 

8. To meet my internet land friends in real life. Especially my TK girls. I’ve been with these girls since 2007, we’ve been through births, deaths, divorces, marriages, sickness and health… better and worse…. lol we’ve been through a ton together.

9. A mineral makeup make over. I’m pretty ugly so I need a lot of help with the make up and I’ve always wanted to try the Bare Minerals type stuff!


10. A family reunion, complete with my great grandma!

There ya go… that’s my wishlist for right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to do or have all of them at some point. Right now money is being squished for hopeful moving (ohpleasepleasepleasegod) into a new peaceful home.


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