Saw My New Pdoc

So I have a new Pdoc… well in all reality she’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner, but you know what? She was sweeter, more patient and more explanatory than any actual Psychiatrist I’ve ever seen.

She’s decided we’re taking me off my anti depressant that I’ve been on since I was about 20 and I’m terrified. The one time I went off of it I went through horrible withdrawal side effects. However she knows about these issues and has decided we will be SLOOOOOWLY tapering me off and when I say slowly I mean we’ll be taking more than 6 months to do it most likely. 

Apparently an anti depressant is counter indicated by my Bipolar 2 and she just cannot understand WHY my other psychiatrist would not only have me on and anti depressant but have me on such a very high dosage. The starting dosage for Effexor/Venlafaxine is 37.5 mg… I’m on 300 mg and have been for a really long time. She said it’s a stimulant, it’s probably what’s causing my breakthrough anxiety, it’s causing me to have high blood pressure and it has GOT to go. 

Sadly we’re also changing my mood stabilizer the olanzapine is just not for me. When I stepped onto the scale in her office my jaw dropped. In the ONE month that I’ve been on it I gained FIFTEEN pounds yeah, not okay. Apparently once the switch is made my weight will drop fairly rapidly, and quitting the Effexor should help too.

I would have to say however that the best part of the whole visit was that I met an older gentleman in the waiting room who also has Bipolar…OMG we were chatting and he was saying something about being the king of useless trivia and how the information gathering and random factoid knowingness that I’ve had my entire life is NORMAL for us. That it’s one of OUR (ie bipolar people’s) things. He said we are 4% of the population. That really struck me, I mean jeez I’m a bipolar person and I don’t even know all that much about us. The public really doesn’t know jack diddly squat, they know the few derogatory things that they’ve seen on television or movies.

He told me about a bipolar support group that meets in my area and I think I just may go. At this point in my life I have online friends only. No real life people. Now don’t get me wrong it’s great to have the people I have online, but I need to stop being so isolated. So I’m going to check it out. He said there are also groups for spouses of bipolar people and I’m wondering if something like this may help out my honey. 

We didn’t talk too much about my trich, who knows maybe balancing my meds will help with the compulsions… she’s not a talk therapist, she’s a med management doctor so I may have to find a counselor to help me with my compulsions. In the mean time I’m going bald and looming to keep my fingers busy!


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