Busy Hands = Happy Head!



Here is a hat that I loomed today! I did it on the blue Knifty Knitter so it’s a tiny little preemie size hat. I’ll be calling the Children’s hospital in my area to find out about donating hats for preemies because let me tell you I’ve already done more than a dozen and that’s on top of the headbands that I’ve been working on for myself. That hat is probably one of my favorites so far… here are a couple more. 



This one is SO soft. I love this yarn so much. I actually need to figure out what it’s called so that I can let you know what I used. Please bear with me, I’m new to the whole blogging of my crafts thing! This hat reminds me of the beach in Washington state, the colors really bring the beach and waves and sky to mind. I believe the yarn is called Angel Hair but I don’t know what brand it is. 

Those are the two that I’m going to post for today! Okay okay you talked me into it I’m going to post pics of some more!



So soft and sweet!



Okay terrible blurry pic but it’s such a cool yarn I wanted to get a close up of it. It’s actually a specialty yarn that normally sells for like fifteen dollars but I got it for four at a store called Tuesday Morning.

That’s really it for today! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some adorable headbands finished to show off!


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