Featured Etsy Shop: Frame Knitting – Knitting Without Needles



So to continue on my looming path I found a wonderful Etsy shop to share with you today. It’s called Frame Knitting. This shop sells a terrific line of knitting boards also called knitting rakes by some. They are very similar to the round and straight looms that Provocraft and Boye sell but I would say they are a step or two upwards in the loom knitting hierarchy.

I cannot tell you how well these looms work because I haven’t personally used one but this shop lists very detailed pictures such as this



of their looms. I have seen similar looms in crafting stores so I can say with a fair amount of certainty that this is likely a good product. The looms appear to be well made and come in three sizes. There is the Noble Knitter 25 which has 25 pegs per side, the Noble Knitter 50 which has 50 pegs per side and the Noble Knitter 100 which obviously has 100 pegs per side. 

The pricing is very reasonable and pretty comparable with other knitting boards out there. Only here you get the added benefit of supporting an Etsy seller. Each knitting board comes with 

  • Knitting Board
  • Instruction Pamphlet
  • Knitting tool

This Etsy seller also sells two different books. One is 

Knitting for the Knitting Board, Knitting Loom, Knitting Rake Book



which contains a whole lot of instructions and detailed photographs. The other is a book of projects that you can do on your loom or rake or board whether or not you buy one of their Noble Knitters. 

I highly recommend you check out this shop. If (when) I get one of these looms I will surely post a  review for all of my loyal readers and then you’ll have even more of a reason to check them out!


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