Enormous Fabulous Wonderful DEAL



So I’ve been advocating taking up loom knitting. Yes I sound like a broken record, yes I’m obsessed, yes I love it. 

However I also love good deals, I love sharing good deals too! So I am combining two of my loves right now. Looming AND good deals. 

Provo Craft which is a division of the company that owns Cricut brought out the original Knifty Knitter a while ago, this in my mind is what made loom knitting popular all over again. They sold them in Wal-Mart even. The business or design or something was semi recently sold to Boye who are now making round knitting looms, if you’re a loomer you’ve probably noticed the color change and box change. If you aren’t … well you probably haven’t noticed. 

Anyway, Cricut is blowing out their Knifty Knitters. By blowing out I mean… these things are like 80% off of what you would pay in stores. Here is a LINK to the shop they’re in. The most expensive item is $4. Yeah that’s right $4. They are selling loom sets like this:



and this:



for $4. They also have an accessory pack, additional picks, and great little booklets to teach you looming for low low LOW prices. 

Shipping is probably going to run you around $10 but if you’re wanting to start this hobby you could get ALL the looms, additional pieces and books for around $30 shipped. Plus my sources tell me that Provocraft is throwing little surprises into the box with your order. One person reported getting a couple of looms and some accessories. 

So run don’t walk, because when they’re gone. They are GONE. 


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