Featured Etsy Shop:Mama Mia Bridal



Okay I love this shop. Makes me wish that I was a bride all over again! I seriously had problems picking just a few pictures to feature in this blog post. Mama Mia Bridal sells unique bridal accessories including but not limited to head pieces and gloves. There are ring pillows, purses and sashes. I mean there are all kinds of accessories in this little boutique that you can use to make your special dress unique. Here are the three faves that I finally was able to pick after oohing and ahing for about 30 minutes. 



Venetian Lace Bridal Headpiece

I love the simplicity of this headpiece, it’s so simple and elegant. At only $45 it’s way cheaper than a lot of tiaras and veils I’ve seen out there. 



Bridal Hand Fascinators

These are just gorgeous in my very humble opinion, such a different look than gloves and at only $24 they are a great price.



Ring Pillow

Absolutely fabulous right? Totally different than those same old same white pillows that you pay thirty or forty or however many dollars for at the craft and bridal stores. This pillow is unique, lovely and only $38! Plus it’s pretty enough to use in home decor after the blessed event is over. 

So if I’ve piqued your interest, pop in at Mama Mia Bridal and check out her wonderful products. I think that some of her items are perfectly suitable for not just weddings but other fancy events! Let her know that you heard about her here on Amber’s Roses!


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