New Year, New Direction

So it’s the year 2013, wow right? It’s amazing to me, another year gone and to me it’s just crazy.

This year is going to see a new direction for my blog. I will still be recommending Etsy shops, I will still be sharing giveaways, freebies and awesome deals. I’ll still be doing those things and sharing my opinion on different things. However I will also be adding some things.

I have bipolar 2, mental illness is not well understood by a majority of the population of… well let’s face it it’s not understood by a large portion of the people on this planet.  I also have Trichotillomania. This is a compulsion type disorder that doesn’t get talked about a lot because it’s embarrassing.  It’s something that’s hard to share because most people will look at you and say … “well why don’t you just stop it?”

So in the new year I’m going to share these things. I’m going to share the struggles I have, I’m going to try to be frank and honest in sharing everything, in the hopes that it will help another person get help.

I will also be sharing my crafting projects. I’m a die hard crafter. Have been forever it seems. My first job was at a craft supply store. My school projects were always crafty to the extreme, I started scrap booking before it was popular even, I have some awesome scrapbooks from high school.

So there you are. These are the things that I’ll be sharing and talking about. I hope that something I post helps you, entertains you or educates you. If it does all three that’s even better!


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