Featured Etsy Shop: The Kraft Room

This is a great shop, they sell banners and different packaging items. Not only that but they sell kits so that you can create your own beautiful packages. This is wonderful for people who like to make the packaging of gifts fabulous! Here are a couple of examples of her products.



This is a great bridal themed kit, the items could be used for soooo many things. This could be used as a gift to a new bride for her wedding scrapbook, for decorating a special bridal gift and oh so much more. The best part? It’s only $15 that’s a ridiculously good price if you don’t want to go hunting for crafting bargains on your own. 



This is an example of a simple and sweet garland. They come in multiple colors and patterns. They can be used to decorate for a party or quite frankly used to decorate something like your fireplace mantle all year long to add a little touch of color to your decor.

So hop on over to The Kraft Room find something you love and let them know that Amber’s Roses sent you.


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