Fantabulous Little Deal for Christmas

So apparently there is this store called Meijier’s out there. I’ve never personally heard of it but it DOES exist. Here is the deal that I found. The thing that interested me the most was that they have Lalaloopsy Littles marked down to $11 seriously, only ELEVEN DOLLARS. That’s far cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere. It’s $5.99 off their regular price. I know I know it’s fabulous. It gets better though. You can apply a discount code 12TWELVE at check out and it takes 12% off your order. I know what you’re thinking… it can’t get better can it? Yes, yes it can. If you live near one of these stores you can get your order shipped to the store for FREE. Yes free. I know it’s just… well it’s awesome is what it is. If you don’t live near a store? Shipping is so reasonable, for 4 dolls shipping from wherever to Washington state was only $7.95. Very standard. You may have to pay taxes but my total when I did a shopping cart was 4 dolls for $50. I mean really… that’s $12.50 each tax included. If I went over to Walmart and bought one it would cost… erm well whatever $16.99 + 9.8% is. I’m not a math whiz and too lazy to pull out a calculator right now. So sue me lol. Anyway. I wanted to pass on this adorable deal to you. Cruise around their site and see what else is on sale I’m sure there are other things that will catch your eye.


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