Giveaway of the Day at Give Oh Giveaway!

Figuring out what to give my girl’s teachers this time of year is one of my biggest pains of the holiday season. I know that teachers usually end up with boatloads of body wash and other gift basket type items, I’ve been personally told by teacher friends that because they don’t know the conditions of the home the gift comes from, they immediately trash anything baked at home. I know that gift cards are always appreciated but I want to give something more personal than a $5 Starbucks card.

That’s where the lovely bloggers over at Give Oh Giveaway! come in. They are giving away a 5 piece wristlet set. What is a wristlet  you ask? Well it’s a handy dandy little item to you can hook your keys to, then carry on your wrist. I personally love using them, oh did I mention they’re also freakin’ adorable? Practical, cute what more can you ask for???

keychains 5


So head on over to Give Oh Giveaway! and enter to win this fabulous prize. Even if you don’t win I totally recommend checking out Celestial Designs over on Etsy. Don’t forget to grab the discount code posted on Give Oh Giveaways! site before you head over. They wristlets are only $5 each (affordable) or $25 for a five pack.


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