Etsy Shop of the Day: Cardtorial


I’ve never been a huge fan of greeting cards. They’re expensive, they’re usually goofy or inappropriate to what I actually want to say and…well wouldn’t you rather that I spend that five bucks on your gift than have a card you’re most likely going to toss in the trash eventually?

Well I’ve found the solution. Cardtorial, this wonderful Etsy shop sells hand crafted wooden greeting cards. They’re actually really elegant looking. If I got one I would totally put it on my mantle or something and keep it pretty much forever. It’s like a gift and card all wrapped up in one. The cards are made in the USA and are eco-friendly in that they aren’t just another piece of garbage going to the landfill.

They do holiday cards, birthday cards and more. The workmanship really is exquisite in my very humble opinion. I recommend that you hop over and take a look. Keep them in mind for Mother’s day or Valentines Day. I think those would be two especially good holidays to use them for. 

(Photo Credit: Cardtorial)


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