Recommended Store of the Day: Think Geek


Think Geek. You know you have a geek in your life, your buddy at the office, your husband, your dad, your sister in law. We surround you. That’s right I’m a geek. A big one, I never thought I would be saying that but hey there it is. I love Dr. Who, gaming, The Hunger Games, books, scifi and fantasy. I’m a pretty big geek and proud of it.

I understand that many of us are hard to shop for. Truly I do, I have a few geeks to shop for myself and it’s hard to find the cool stuff. Yeah you can find a few pairs of geeky boxers or Star Wars t-shirts at Target and Walmart. But what if you want something different?

Here is your solution, there are items for all budgets. From the $349 10th Doctor’s trench coat to the collapsible shot glass which is now on sale for only $3.99. There are T-shirts, robes, socks, gadgets and toys.

Think Geek hasn’t paid or compensated me in any way for writing this blog. I simply think that they are truly fabulous.


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