I really really LOVE giving gifts and It’s the Thought That Counts


Seriously I LOVE giving gifts. I love to go find things people will like (whether they knew they like it or not). I like finding awesome deals so I can give as much as possible. I love wrapping them all up in special paper, fancy bows, decorations…color coordinating them.

The picture above is from a combined birthday celebration we had for my middle daughter, my husband and my mom. Being a mom she does get some presents but face it when you grow up and have kids the whole flow of gifts does slow to a trickle compared to back in the day when you were a kid or teenager.

So I got to surprise my mom with a pile of stuff I knew she would like, stuff I found and just knew she would love. I adore doing this. Seriously the anticipation of waiting for others to open the gifts you got them is better than the anticipation of waiting for Santa as a child in my opinion.

I love the surprised looks, the OMG seriously you got this for me? The laughing or whatever other reaction there is. Of course you give the occasional dud but hey, that’s just life.

So here is my Christmas wish for all of you. I wish for you to ENJOY the giving of gifts. It doesn’t matter whether they are big, small, they were free, or expensive. Enjoy it. Spend a little time thinking about the people you are giving gifts to and think about what will put that smile on their face. It doesn’t have to be a car, or some elaborate vacation. Just things that let them know you care about them.

It seems like that gets lost in the holiday season nowadays it’s all about bigger, better, newer, faster. That’s not what’s important. It really is the thought that counts. Make sure that your thoughts aren’t bitter, or harassed because you just HAVE to get such and such new gadget for so and so. That’s not a gift given with a happy heart, so what is the thought that comes with that gift? If the best thing for YOU is to go out and buy a 12 pack of gift cards, if that’s something you can give joyously, well then do it! If the best thing for you is to make a gift then make it. Don’t spend the next month stressed to the max. Sure there will be some stress. Scheduling is always hard, the stores are crammed, try to remember that it’s the thought that counts and do what it takes to keep those thoughts in a good place.


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