Soap is evil, Lotion is drying, Chapstick is chapping…

So, I’ve always had massively dried out skin, I was never one of those people with the grease problems. No zits, no oily hair. Yes I was lucky in that way. However, there are those of us among you that have the “perfect” complexion that have massive issues in the opposite direction.

What problems you ask? Well, how about the little dry bumpies that cover my arms from elbow to shoulder? The splits, cracks and flakes that cover my fingers from hand washing, the flaky scalp that has NOTHING to do with what is traditionally called dandruff. I mean hey I tried dandruff shampoos and they either made the flakes worse or caused splits and sores on my scalp.

My self diagnosis? Super duper extra dextra dry skin! Dur. I mean really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. So my solution over the years has been lotion, lots and lots and lots of lotion. Till recently. Recently I ran out of my favorite body wash and just used my sugar and oil scrub instead, forgoing soap completely. Oh my goodness the difference was ridiculous. I didn’t go get new body wash and just decided to keep going with the body scrub.

Then from there, I researched my lotions…did you know that they put DRYING agents in most commercial lotions? Yes in the very things we buy to moisturize our poor dried out skin they put drying agents such as multiple types of alcohol and petroleum based products. My take on this is that they want to addict us to the products. To make it necessary for us to reapply over and over and over again throughout the day to keep our skin from feeling dry. Look at people who use Chapstick, I have heard a lot of people say that they are “addicted” to it. Well, yeah their skin probably is, they get a feeling of moisture from it while the petroleum slowly kills off their skin. Thus billions of tubes of Chapstick are sold.

So I started researching and discovered that the all natural people are actually on to something. Yes I know natural is better, I mean I’m not a complete idiot, but with some stuff I didn’t realize it made SUCH a difference. I decided I would be making my own lotions.

So I whipped up some body oils and sugar scrubs, I made them for me and for my mom. Well we both love them. I will admit to using fragrance oils rather than essential oils. They are WAY cheaper, someday maybe I’ll be able to afford the essential oils for all my uses but right now the fragrance oils are working out just fine. My skin looks a billion times better as well.

My next step was going and ordering shea butter and some specialty oils and making my own lotion/body butters. It’s WAY different. The feel as it goes on is different in a massive way. For a couple of seconds it feels like it’s ridiculously oily, then bam it soaks in and your skin just feels nice. Even with cracks on my hands it didn’t burn or sting it just soaked it. My hands are now looking much better and I’ll soon be starting on my feet.

My next step is going to be the figuring out of hair products, I’ve heard of people who don’t shampoo and stuff. They use vinegar and other natural things to clean and condition their hair and that’s probably what I’ll be trying next.

Do you want me to document my experimenting with that here on the blog? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Soap is evil, Lotion is drying, Chapstick is chapping…

  1. I’m in the same boat. I used to spend so much money on hair products, and now I only wash my hair about once a week and it is so much nicer! No-poo is the way to go. And I have made my own oils and lotions too, using beeswax and coconut oil as a base, with Shea butter or cocoa butter. I’d love to hear about your sugar scrub 🙂

  2. I’d be interested in hearing your progress! I too believe that they put stuff in just to keep us needing more. Are there specific chemicals to avoid? I don’t mind paying for the products that WORK. Too lazy to make them myself. Heh.

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