Do you REALLY need a TV that badly?

I have something to say. I’ve seen a lot of people basically saying that people who are “lucky enough” to have jobs at places like Walmart, Kmart, Target etc should have NO problem working on Thanksgiving. One reason given is that there are service men and women overseas who are away from their families. Another is that they should basically be happy to have a job at all, another reason is that hey, other places are open so they should suck it up and deal with it.

I have some observations to make. The people who work retail do so for a reason. If they wanted to be in the military and be away from their family they would be. They would have joined the army to make money rather than working at WM. The fact that so many people are out of work right now, and struggling to make it should not make it OK for companies, rich billionaire assholes and boards of directors to treat their employees like crap. You don’t need a new TV THAT much. You don’t need a new tv soooooo desperately that you should feel okay with the fact that people are away from their families, kids are missing mommy or daddy etc.Yes there ARE some places that SHOULD be open on holidays, there are essential jobs that DO need to be done, like nursing, doctors, cops etc. Yeah it sucks that they have to do what they do on the holidays but hey it’s an essential thing they’re doing. They’re saving people. They make just a smidge more than minimum wage though. They have actual benefits and are compensated fairly.

Oh but you say Target is paying their employees holiday pay too!!!! Yeah well jack squat times 2 is still jack squat. They do ask for volunteers first but I guarantee you that not all the people hauling themselves away from their families volunteered to do so.

10 or so years ago when we forgot to have an ingredient on hand for our meal we HOPED that the 7-11 or some other gas station was open and that they maybe had the ingredient. The grocery stores were closed, all the big box stores were closed. They SHOULD be closed. There SHOULD be a few days of the year like Thanksgiving, Christmas etc that we should STOP.

Just stop the normal every day crap, the shopping, the hurrying, the scurrying, the worrying and we should just take that time to be with our family. Don’t want to spend time with them? Fine, don’t! Spend time with friends, spend time alone relaxing, spend time helping others. Just take a break and do something that ISN’T totally selfish, isn’t stuff centered, isn’t me me me me centered.


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