Freebie of the Day for Thanksgiving!

I love free things, I like opening my mail box and finding a little sample, a gift card or something I’ve managed to score for the total cost of zero dollars.

One of my favorite tools for doing this? Swagbucks. I’m a research junkie. If I read I word I don’t understand I search for it online, which of course often leads to me searching for related material. I usually end up winning Swagbucks with at least one of these searches.

What is Swagbucks you ask? Why it’s just about the best invention in the world. It’s a rewards program that pays you points to search, answer polls, do surveys, buy things, print coupons! It’s fabulous.

You can save up your bucks and get a big granddaddy prize or you can trade them in for reward cards. My favorite is the Amazon gift card, because lets face it you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon. Well … maybe not a human liver or plutonium but just about anything else you can think of you will find.

HOW do I sign up for this magical program you ask? It’s easy simply click HERE and sign up. I’ve probably gotten a few hundred dollars in free merchandise from Amazon since I became a Swaggernaut, and I love it. I think you will too!


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